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Tricia Acheatel

Find your courage and self-empowerment in relationships. If you’re hiding or shrinking to maintain peace, let’s build your belief in yourself so that you can feel worthy, vital and centered. I also help social entrepreneurs bring their passion and vision to life, create the business that will change the world.

Certifications: Certified


Specialities: Business / Career, Creativity, Entrepreneur, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mind-Body, Personal Growth, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

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Catherine Adams

Life is about FUN, passion, courage, and authenticity. If you feel lost, or tired, or need to find your “thing”, this. will. work. (and we get to laugh and play too)

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Specialities: Business / Career, Entrepreneur, Expat, General Life Coaching, Leadership, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Sports, Work / Life Balance

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Lisa Alessi

Whether looking to unlock your greatest leadership potential or assessing the next best steps in your career, through a customized development program (including the Enneagram and LeadershipCircleProfile), I help executives and senior leaders develop a greater level of self-awareness, becoming stronger, more effective and influential in their roles and organizations.

Amie Allen

I’m equal parts romantic, cowgirl and aspiring bohemian. I am a lover of compassion, an aficionado of authenticity and an unapologetic possibilitarian. My talents include thought wrangling, purpose pinpointing and joy alchemy.

I believe each of us has a unique and beautiful light to shine on this world, including you.

Certifications: Certified


Specialities: Business / Career, Families and Children, General Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Women's Issues, Work / Life Balance

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Sunita Alves

If you work in technology – IT, engineering, project management – you know work can be time-sucking, joy-draining, family-depriving, and frustrating beyond belief. Listen up: It does NOT have to be that way! I help overworking professionals slow down, live in pre-retirement joy, and master leadership basics.

Jen Aly, M.S.

I am a business coach for creative entrepreneurs. I can help you empower your business and gently, yet boldly support you to confidently create momentum and fortify your bank account.

Theresa Andersen

I’m an Intuitive Life Strategist and Master Life Coach. I help clients with four key areas of life: relationships, career, finances, and future goals. Insights from an intuitive reading can be life changing, revealing deep personal truths so you can make new and richly transformative choices in your life.

Zivana Anderson

For many years – work was my identity and then it all fell apart.

As a result, my coaching passion is to reconnect you to what purposeful, healthy work looks like for you. We identify beliefs that no longer serve you and craft a career where you feel energised and enriched.

Janel Anderson, PhD

Are you at a career crossroads? With experience as a professor, corporate leader, and entrepreneur, I will help you gain clarity, revitalization and strategy in your career. Reinvent, rebuild, or rebalance your work with your life so you can live a life in which you have it ALL.

Patricia Andersson

A Martha Beck Certified Coach since 2006, I focus on coaching women. Working from a gently feminist perspective, we’ll together expand your possibilities, shape your life to nourish your passions and talents, and uncover your unique way of living a meaningful life.